Position: Co-CEO

Yori Sofrin has extensive and proven experience in the design, research and testing of the durability of buildings and systems in various threats as well as the development of protection solutions against them. He has extensive knowledge and experience in characterizing, planning and managing the execution of complex projects in the field of civil engineering, tunneling and destruction of buildings in the explosion, as well as practical expertise and experience in the areas of population behavior in emergency situations, training, communication and public information.

He was trained as an internal examiner to establish an environmental management system in the plants.

In his last military post he served as head of the Population Defense Department in the Home Front Command. In reserve service he served as spokesman for the Home Front in times of emergency and crisis

Col. Sofrin holds a master's degree in civil engineering from the University of Northwestern. Specializes mainly in the following fields:

  1. Analysis of scenarios and characterization of response to emergency events.
  2. Assessing risks to the population, infrastructures and structures and analyzing needs for continuity and functional continuity.
  3. Means and methods for personal and collective protection.
  4. Training and preparing populations for emergencies.
  5. Preparing and training factories, institutions and emergency organizations.
  6. Implementation of integrative multi-disciplinary projects in the field of planning, complex project management and preparation of programs, operational files and facility files.