Position: Deputy General Manager

Colonel Peleg has extensive experience in emergency preparedness, training and planning in the home front system, and holds a master's degree in law and a BA in behavioral sciences and business administration.

Itai commanded the Lachish region of the Home Front Command (the Ashkelon region, Ashdod Kiryat Gat, Kiryat Malachi) during the period of Tzuk Eitan and Amud Anan, currently a consultant to government ministries, leading the fields of knowledge development and training at the Israeli Center for Municipal Stability.

Colonel Peleg has a very high training ability, excellent organizational ability, high awareness for providing quality service, and a system vision. And the ability to manage large projects.

Company Responsibilities:

Deputy CEO and Chief Operating Officer of the Company, responsible for all the projects carried out there, planning and organization consulting for emergency preparedness in the authorities and in government ministries, including preparation of plans, procedures and exercises

Personal abilities:

  • A center of knowledge on mental first aid, an expert in the field of seminar management, foreign relations and international activity.
  • A large-scale planning and organization expert, from planning through execution to process control.
  • Managing large budgets for a large number of projects, in annual and multi-year planning.
  • The ability to command disaster events on the ground (a proven capability, with extensive experience) and manage the incident