IsraTeam has participated in the consortium led by BMT of UK in developing AUGGMED - Automated Serious Game Scenario Generator for Mixed Reality Training.

The aim of AUGGMED is to develop a serious game platform to enable single- and team-based training of end-users with different level of expertise from different organizations responding to terrorist and organized crime threats. The platform will automatically generate non-linear scenarios tailored to suit the needs of individual trainees with learning outcomes that will improve the acquisition of emotional management, analytical thinking, problem solving and decision making skills. The game scenarios will include advanced simulations of operational environments, agents, telecommunications and threats, and will be delivered through VR and MR environments with multimodal interfaces. This will result in highly realistic training scenarios allowing advanced interactivity while encouraging security staff and first responders to engage and actively participate in the training process. In addition, the AUGGMED platform will include tools for trainers enabling them to set learning objectives, define scenarios, monitor training sessions, modify scenarios and provide feedback in real-time, as well as evaluate trainee performance and set training curricula for individual personnel in the post-training session phase. Finally, the platform will be offered in affordable and cost-effective Modes including Basic Mode (low VR fidelity and interactivity through mobile devices), Intermediate Mode (immersive multimodal VR) and Full Mode (immersive multimodal MR On-Site).

The project has delivered excellent results and has achieved its objectives fully according to the DoA.

Although several demos (AR, multiple VR users, haptic vest) were not demonstrated in the final review demo, after follow-up clarifications and demonstrations their results were successfully conveyed.

What has to be specifically noted, is the excellent engagement of end-users in the project, as well as the final quality of the Virtual Reality and Haptics serious game simulation platform and UX.

It is generally acceptable that training of end-users with different level of expertise from different organizations responding to terrorist and organized crime threats will involve a Mixed Reality platform. AUGGMED has definitely allowed important advances from the state of the art in this field.

The project has fully achieved its pilots/case studies as described in the DoA. IsraTeam have participated in defining the threats, assessing the physical and mental effects and developing potential courses of action to be employed by the trainee's first responders. In doing so – IsraTeam have developed a unique assessment tool of modelling threat scenarios, physical effects on surrounding and in particular on human body – and using statistical databases of actual events and attack scenarios – put into a vital assessment to the AR model.


Three terroristic attacks have been analyzed and portrayed in the pilot project – describing attacks in an airport terminal, at a large cruise ships passenger terminal and at a large underground metro station.