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About IsraTeam

IsraTeam is a professional team of Israeli Civil Defense and Crisis Management experts, who are high ranking reserve officers in the Israel Home Front Command, IDF.

The team members took an active role in emergency planning and preparedness and civil defense in Israel, as well as emergency strategy doctrine and plans creation, training rescue and emergency units, planning inter and intra-organizational emergency plans for earthquakes and other natural-made disasters, as well as man-made disasters.

Disasters, whether natural or caused by man, may cause loss of life, severe disruptions in social structures and material losses, causing a severe economic and psychological burden on any nation.

With a proper emergency system, preparedness and planning - this impact can be mitigated casualties and damages can be reduced and the severe crisis may be solved early by a professional response.

Based on the background of Israel's combat and counter terrorist experience, as well as lessons learned from disasters that occurred in different countries, in which we participated in rescue efforts or studied case-histories, IsraTeam has the capability of assessing potential threats, analyzing strategies and concepts for national preparedness and disaster response planning.

One of the major expertises of IsraTeam is to prepare populations for survival in emergencies and disasters. This approach starts with threat analysis, assessing the general behavior of the affected population, identification of specific communities and their response programs, training the public before, during and following the emergency in maximally utilizing the remaining resources with emphasis on the use of communication means.

IsraTeam is currently consulting Israel's Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Health and other agencies and organizations in Israel as well as several other governmental agencies in the world including some European and Asian countries.


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